Light Duty Hitch Receiver Towbars

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The Class 3 Light Duty Hitch Receiver (RL) Towbar is similar in nature and design to the Standard Class 2 towbar.

It is used primarily for light to medium towing applications, and is characterised by a ‘Slide In’ Trailer Ball Mount (TBM or Tongue) that fits o a 40mm by 40mm opening.

The TBM is held into the Towbar by a high tensile pin and retaining clip, therefore making it easily removed when not in use (without the need for tools).

They are also very handy for people with limited garage space, or those that don’t want a towbar TBM permanently protruding from the rear of their vehicle.

These towbars are available to suit many popular small to large passenger cars, plus some SUVs.

Please contact Metro Towbars and check if they are available for your motor vehicle.