Nudge Bar - 76mm

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Probably our most popular selling Frontal Protection product, the 76mm Nudge Bar is both stylish and incredibly strong.

Manufactured from the highest grade T6 High Tensile Alloy Tube, these Nudge Bars out perform all others when protecting your motor vehicle from all those nasty little bumps and knocks we all have from time to time.

Ultra Nudge Bar - 76mm


The 76mm Ultra Nudge Bar is basically the same as the 76mm Nudge Bar except for the addition of a 4mm High Tensile alloy plate for added lower protection.

This added plate protects your vehicle’s bumper and lower cooling system components from those unseen hazards such as high curbs and tree stumps.

Series 2 Nudge Bar - 63mm

Metro Towbars - Mobile Towbar Installation Service - Perth

The 63mm Series 2 Nudge Bar is a full sized nudge bar, with the top of it reaching bonnet height. This makes the Series 2 Nudge Bar really handy when parking or judging distance, as the top of the bar is easily visible from the driver’s seat.

In order to look modern and stylish, today’s motor vehicles take on a more contoured and rounded finish. They look great, but are becoming more difficult to judge with relation to distance and parking.

Type 8 Bar

Metro Towbars - Mobile Towbar Installation Service - Perth

The Type 8 Frontal Protection Bar provides motor vehicles with full frontal protection while adding very little weight to the front of the vehicle. The Type 8 Bar is designed to provide protection to a vehicle’s bumper, grill, cooling equipment and headlights.

In addition, they are very light in weight at around 12kg. Each bar is constructed of T6 Hi-Tensile alloy tube of two sizes: The center tube is 63mm x 4.75mm, while the outer wings are constructed of 44mm x 3.25mm tube.