Roof Racks

Metro Towbars - Mobile Towbar Installation Service - Perth

Here at Metro Towbars we have an extensive range of Roof Rack systems to suit practically all motor vehicles on the market. We carry all major brands of Roof Racks, in addition to the many accessories that can be added.

Some of these Roof Rack Accessories include:

  • Roof-Mounted Bicycle Carriers
  • Luggage Baskets
  • Water Craft Carriers
  • Roof Boxes
  • Ladder Mounts

Our Roof Rack systems come in many styles such as Standard, Detachable, Commercial (Heavy Duty), and Sports. Some Roof Rack systems are compact, low and aerodynamic while others are more robust and suitable for carrying heavy and wide loads. There are also many ways in which our Roof Racks can be attached to your motor vehicle (Most vehicles having more than one type available).

These Include:

  • Anchor Point Mount (Using factory vehicle roof mounts)
  • Removable Mount systems (Door return mount)
  • Track Mount Systems (Permanent track mounted to vehicle allowing fully adjustable cross bars for variable load widths)
  • Pad Mounted Systems (Permanent pads or feet mounted to vehicle roof allowing cross bars to be removed when not in use)
  • Gutter Mount (Utilises the rain gutter feature of many commercial and 4WD vehicles. These are great for heavier loads)
  • Rail Bar Mount (Roof Racks mount to factory rail bars on many SUV and 4WD vehicles).

With so many Roof Rack system possibilities, here at Metro Towbars we are confident that we can find a solution to suit both your motor vehicle and carrying needs. Just give us a call or make an online enquiry through our ‘Contact Us’ section of this website, and we will be more than happy to help.