Series 2 Nudge Bar - 63mm

The 63mm Series 2 Nudge Bar is a full sized nudge bar, with the top of it reaching bonnet height. This makes the Series 2 Nudge Bar really handy when parking or judging distance, as the top of the bar is easily visible from the driver’s seat.

In order to look and modern and stylish, today’s motor vehicles take on a more contoured and rounded finish. They look great, but are becoming more difficult to judge with relation to distance and parking.

So a Series 2 Nudge Bar gives us back a ‘Front End’ to our motor vehicle, while also protecting our bumpers and cooling components from those nasty little knocks and bumps. Made from either 63mm x 4.2mm or 76mm x 4.75mm T6 High Tensile Alloy Tube, the Type 2 Nudge Bar is superior in strength and appearance to it’s competitors.

They all come with a pair of spotlight mounting tabs (Middle Horizontal Tube), and some are designed with a lower cross tube providing additional protection to bumpers and lower cooling system components. Their sophisticated steel mounting brackets ensure both a secure fixture to the vehicle, whilst maintaining ADR requirements regarding vehicle crumple zones in the event of a frontal collision.

In addition, the mounting system will not interfere with the deployment of vehicle Air Bags. All Series 2 Nudge Bars come with a Lifetime Warranty and are available in 4 finishes:

  • Polished Alloy (Mirror Finish)
  • Silver Ripple (Powdercoat)
  • Black Ripple (Powdercoat)
  • Silver Hammertone (Powdercoat)