Bike Racks

Metro Towbars - Mobile Towbar Installation Service - Perth

If you need to carry your Bicycles anywhere, we have a Bike Rack solution to suit every need. Metro Towbars has access to all the major brands of Bike Racks to suit everyone from the weekend peddler to the serious competition rider.

Bike Racks come in many forms nowadays, ranging from Towbar mounted through to Roof Rack mounted systems. We even have stand alone Bike Racks that attach to the rear of your motor vehicle without requiring a Towbar to attach onto.

Some of our Bike Rack systems are listed below:

  • Towbar Mounted (Has a base plate attached to towbar tongue. Plate stays in place when the Bike Rack is removed)
  • Towball Mounted (Bike Rack clamps onto Towball)
  • Hitch Receiver Mounted (Bike Rack has attachment which Slides Into most Hitch Receiver Towbars 50x50mm or 40x40mm)
  • Swing-Out Hitch Receiver Mounted (Bikes can be swung out to allow easy access to the rear vehicle compartment. Makes loading and unloading luggage possible without removing bikes)
  • Tilt Mounted (These Bike Racks tilt downward to enable easy loading and unloading of the Bikes)
  • Roof Mounted (These Bike Racks attach to most popular Roof Rack systems. Available in Wheel mounted and Fork mounted.

So no matter what your Bike carrying needs are, Metro Towbars will be happy to find a solution to suit you. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email your enquiry through our online ‘Contact Us’ section of this website.